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The Pipey Fairy is a book for 2 to 3-year-olds to help them willingly give up their dummy, or as we call it, a pipey!
Jed loves his pipey. It’s a comfort and a pleasure. He’s not at all keen on giving it up. Until he finds out about the Pipey Fairy, who is quite an unlikely fairy… with muscles and tatts and a little bit hairy. A fairy that’s hairy!
As Jed prepares for the Pipey Fairy’s visit, excitement grows. There’s lots to do and countdowns to have. And this is where the real magic begins.
The Pipey Fairy is a fun adventure story that takes Jed on a journey from reluctance to action. The Pipey Fairy is happy, friendly and fun. Best of all, he creates magic wherever he goes.
A pipey [pipe-e] has lots of names.
In Australia and Britain, it’s known as a dummy. In Canada, a soother. In Spain, a chupi. In America, a pacifier. In some Scottish areas, a pipey.
Nicknames vary – num-num, dum-dum, lolly, binky, nuky, nuk-nuk and many more! In fact, an online survey found 172 pet names.
A toddler is used to hearing different names for it and happily accepts the pipey (pipe-e).
Read our reviews and get the book.
Shortlisted for BOOK of THE YEAR 2018 (birth – 3 years) Speech Pathology Australia Awards.
REVIEW by Lucy F: Benji, he’s 2.5 and loooooved his dummy. We’ve been reading the Pipey Fairy for a month or so. On Monday he lost his dummy (left it in the car) and he said to me ‘the fairy must have taken it’. I jumped right on that! He mentioned it a few more times before bed, saying that his dummy will be on the tree now and that he’ll get a surprise. He complained a little at bed time but went to sleep and stayed asleep. I left this little car at his door and he was so excited in the morning! He was so proud to tell his daycare teacher that he’s a big boy now and told her about the fairy! He’s asked where his dummy is a couple of times since, but has been fine otherwise! Thank you for giving me a story to help him let go of his dummy!

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