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What is the Pipey Pack?

The Pipey Pack is designed to complement to The Pipey Fairy book. Engaging and interactive, the Pipey Pack helps build excitement, create joy and celebrate the magic of the Pipey Fairy’s visit.

What’s in the Pipey Pack?

Our Calling Card initiates the Pipey Fairy’s visit
A host of goodies!
Personalised letters and envelopes, reminders and positive reinforcement cards and email support for parents. Each product is designed to encourage commitment toward the Pipey Fairy’s visit and to giving up pipey.
For example, the ‘Pipey Fairy Calling Card’ lets your child know that the Pipey Fairy is in the area. Woohoo! It’s not just an exciting card for your child to discover in the letterbox, it’s an important set-up tool. It’s adaptable too, depending on your child, it can be used in different ways.


Why the Pipey Pack?

The Pipey Fairy may be new age, but his gifts rely on the tried-and-tested joy of tactile receiving. We’ve designed, printed and personalised the Pipey Pack because kids love getting hands on and seeing their name in print. They love it, and if you’re a fan of fun stationery, so will you!

Each tool is a gift they can see and feel, providing confirmation of the Pipey Fairy’s visit.

How does it work?

The parent controls all the child’s letterbox drops!

Information on how and when to use each tool is in the email support to parents.

The Pipey Pack comes in the post addressed to a parent, ready to be letterboxed for their child to discover.

If you are sending the Pipey Pack as a gift, it will always be sent to the parent of the child. That’s because the parent will control the timing of the visit and do the letterbox drops. So in our order form, we ask for the parent’s name as well as the child’s, a physical address (to send the Pack) and an email address of the parent (to send the tips and information). 


What’s in the emails?

Our emails guide you through the process

We take you through how to plan, what to expect, and when and how to use each tool. We give you handy tips and tricks. Because we know you’re busy, each email takes less than five minutes to read and/or implement.

After your welcome email, we’ll send you one email a day for nine days. This way you’ll receive all the information you need in bite-size pieces – keeping the process smooth, easy and workable. And it won’t give you too much information at once, so there’s little chance of feeling overwhelmed.

We’ll work ahead of your schedule, so we suggest you keep these emails as a handy reference.

What type of tips do you give?

Our tips are simple, easy to implement and effective. They are the types of tips that make a huge difference, but are often not thought of.

Can you give an example of the type of tips you share?

Sure! Our solution begins with planning. Don’t worry, by planning we don’t mean spreadsheets or schedules. All we do is ask you to look at what you have on in the next three to four weeks.

The optimal time to remove a pipey is in the absence of other significant events. Like, for example, moving house, toilet training or the birth of a new child. These are examples of big changes for a child.
If your child has used a pipey for some time, they’re used to the comfort and soothing effect it can bring. Times of big change can be unsettling, and it’s often during these times, your child wants their pipey the most. Choosing this time to stop pipey use can be hard on a child, as you’re taking away comfort when they most desire it. Not only can it be overwhelming, it can make giving up pipey a miserable experience. It’s also less likely to be effective.

That’s why, before starting, we suggest leaving some time before or after significant events. Adjustment time, if you like. Generally, when your child starts to settle into the new routine or adjustment, you’ll be ready.

Look at your calendar. Besides the usual everyday activities, if it looks clear, go for it.

Can you use The Pipey Fairy book without The Pipey Pack?

Of course! Just purchase the book on its own from our shop.

Who should use The Pipey Pack?

Anyone who wants to make the experience of giving up a dummy fun and special.

As Kate, a mother of a two-year-old said: ‘I loved this experience with my daughter. It was like a magical journey together!’

As well as going on a journey together, if you think your child may need some motivation to give up their dummy, then this is a good solution. Or perhaps, if you’re feeling a little apprehensive about trying to get your child to stop using it. We know many of you may have tried before. If this is you, The Pipey Pack is ideal to help make the transition a smooth and positive experience.

What is in the Book and Pack Combo?

This includes The Pipey Fairy book and The Pipey Pack at a 20% saving off the combined individual price. We also have discounted overseas postage for the Book and Pack Combo.

I already have the book, can I just buy The Pipey Pack on its own?

Yes! If you’ve been gifted The Pipey Fairy book and also want The Pipey Pack, we’ve got that covered too. Just purchase it separately on our website.

We sometimes have Pipey Pack specials on our Facebook page, so if you’re happy to wait until they roll around, just ‘like’ our Facebook page so you’ll be notified.

Also, we include Pipey Pack discounts for books bought in a bookstore – just check the inside back cover.

What age is best to give up pipey?

We get asked this a lot! The Pipey Fairy is aimed at 2 to 3-year olds. For health and other benefits, this is the optimal age (see ‘research’ below), but every child is different.

Parents generally know when it’s time to give pipey the flick. We remember those frantic pipey searches right when you’re about to walk out the door. Or those bleary-eyed 3am ones in the semi-dark while your child screams the house down. How ridiculously grateful we felt when the pipey was eventually found. Listening to those first few loud sucks before… ah yes, silence. Wondering how on earth you’d ever get them to give it up…

Yes, parents generally know when it’s time. And now, when you’re ready, you will also know how.

What other support do you offer?

One of the most important things to remember is that The Pipey Fairy book and The Pipey Pack have worked for others. So, trust the process. If you believe in the magic and power of the Pipey Fairy (and why wouldn’t you, he’s so fabulous) so will your child.

The other thing to remember is that we’re here to help. If you sign up for The Pipey Pack and have any questions you can always contact us. We suggest waiting until after Day 8 – once you have most of the information – but if you think you can’t, then fire away.

What does the research say about pipey use?

Overall, there are no universal recommendations for pipey use. Very generally, the benefits are in the early years and the disadvantages start later, although there are exceptions.

There is strong evidence that dummy use can help reduce risk for SIDS, soothe and settle infants and reduce pain levels.

For breastfeeding mothers, its introduction is mostly recommended after breastfeeding has been established.

For reoccurring acute otitis media (AOM), a viral or bacterial infection of the middle ear, dummy use is not recommended or recommended only at bedtime.

Research around dummy use and speech also vary, studies have found no difference in speech for longer term pipey use and others found increased odds. While the research is inconclusive, most speech professional would agree that a child’s opportunity for speech and associated sounds (babbling and imitating) is reduced if a child always has a dummy in the mouth.

In general, research indicates the ideal age to stop pipey use is between two and three years, with most recommendations for use to be curtailed at the age of two and stopped before the age of four to reduce the risk of malocclusion (incorrect alignment of the teeth and jaws).

For research sources click here.

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