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Our solution makes giving up a dummy, or as we call it, a pipey, FUN and EASY!
Kids love it and you will too!

The Pipey Fairy Solution will:

* help you plan the right time for your child
* provide support material to make it easy
* give you step-by-step information
* give bite-sized actions because we know you’re busy
* provide tried and true tips and tricks
* encourage positive reinforcement.
We understand the importance of planning, timing and consistency AND how much little hearts and hands LOVE receiving personalised letterbox gifts.

The Pipey Pack includes:

* Pipey Fairy Calling Card
* Appointment card
* The Pipey Fairy Countdown
* Personalised DL envelope with Pipey Post stamps
* One More Sleep card
* Pipey Fairy Autographed Letter
* Pack of 20 Stars
* You Are Awesome (thank you) card
* You Are Awesome (thank you) sticker
* Personalised A6 envelope with Pipey Post stamps
* Step-by-step email instructions.

And that’s not all, we’ve packed it together and taken 20% off the combined individual price in our Book & Pack Combo deal.
Want to know more? Head over to our FAQ page.
The Pipey Fairy Solution is based on research, see here for more, and hundreds of hours of interviews with parents, early childhood educators, playgroups and more.
REVIEW by Taylor R: “I highly recommend the pipey pack with the book. It comes with emails and guides you through everything. It was so easy and fun. My daughter and me baked cookies to leave out and did the countdown. She was SO excited the next day to receive a princess disney pack. Five days now and not a word about the dummy. Done deal.”


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