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The joy of children and the joy they give are some of the best parts of writing The Pipey Fairy. Writing for children is not my usual day job. Generally, I write long-form non-fiction and fiction, but I love coming back to the kids, because when I give book readings, I get to take time out with inquisitive and delightful little minds.
Case in point. Last year, I was invited to speak with a group of Transition students (in the NT, Prep is called Transition) about being a writer. After we discussed the job of being an author and writing books, I asked the class, ‘So what other jobs do you think writers do?’. There was a flurry of hands straight up high. The five-year-old boy so eager to share, told me most proudly that the job writers do is ‘to make sure they put full stops at the end of their sentences’.
So, there you have it! He made me smile all day and, every time I remember this little encounter and his glowing face when I told him he was correct – full stops are very important for a writer – I smile. Ah the joy. It’s total gold.

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